...for those who love the land

PRINTS - illustrated by Faye Gardiner

Australian artist Faye Gardiner has lived and worked on the land and in country towns, in various regions of the Central West of New South Wales. Her paintings, both in oil and water colours, are much sought after by tourists and those who appreciate Australian landscapes -- to this end most of Faye's time is spent at the easel. She also donates much
of her artistic talents to charity and has raised considerable funds in this area. Faye also loves to 'capture with the brush' --the antics of animals and bird life--and, in particularly, Australian fauna ("A Land Down Under"). She also has a great love of native flora which can be seen in the beautifully illustrated "The Flora of Christmas".

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Country Rhymes poetry - O, for a place in the Country!
Country Rhymes poetry -  - A Rose that grows in the Country
Country Rhymes poetry-  When the Lilacs Bloom Again
Country Rhymes poetry-  Lavender Lady
Country Rhymes poetry-  Sons of the Soil
O, for a Place in the Country!
A Rose that Grows in the Country
When the Lilacs Bloom Again
Lavender Lady
My Little Patch of Paradise
Country Rhymes poetry -  Damper & Tea
Country Rhymes poetry - My Hear Belongs Outback
Country Rhymes poetry -  Winter Sun, Summer Rain
Country Rhymes poetry-  Sons of the Soil
Country Rhymes poetry - A Land of Green & Gold
Damper & Tea
My Heart Belongs Outback
Winter Sun, Summer Rain
Sons of the Soil
A Land of Green & Gold
Country Rhymes poetry - Back to the plains
Country Rhymes poetry - A Land Down Under
Country Rhymes poetry -  Rivers: A Lands Destiny
Back to the Plains
A Land Down Under!
Hush, Bush Babies!
The Grass is Green!
Rivers: Land's Destiny!
Country Rhymes poetry - The Farmer's prayer
Country Rhymes poetry - My Country Cat Country Rhymes poetry - Wish me a Pony
With These Hands
The Grazier's Lament
The Farmer's Prayer
My Country Cat
Wish me a Pony
Country Rhymes poetry - A Little Bush Fairy
Country Rhymes poetry -  The Flora of Christmas
Country Rhymes poetry -  Christmas in the Bush
A Little Bush Fairy
The Flora of Christmas
Christmas in the Bush



Country Rhymes poetry - for those who love the land. Maggie May Gordon